Welcome to Emerald Green Place

Assalamu Alaikum

Muslim Community Seniors Housing – “Making Our Elders and Seniors Lives Better”

Emerald Green Place is a community based organization. EGP, therefore, is the collective will of individuals and communities that endeavour on the local level to build a Life Lease Seniors Housing community for mature adults and seniors over the age of 50. Within its character as a non-profit organization, Emerald Green Place voices seniors concerns and takes necessary action in building a Seniors Housing Community to assist families and communities in nurturing strong and stable Muslim families.

“Making our elders and seniors lives better” is more than a phrase at our proposed Emerald Green Place. It is a promise and one we consider to be our highest priority. We want our seniors to know that the care and services they will receive in Emerald Green Place will make their lives happier, contented, healthier and more meaningful. We want family members to feel reassured that their loved ones are safe, active and engaged while living in our Life Lease community.

Many attempts have been made to establish a community facility, but the main obstacles have been financing, location and the perceived need. As the community ages, many seniors have had to transition to apartments or old age homes, often as an unplanned necessity due to age, infirmity or death of a spouse. In these situations, the lack of community support is often missed. This project will hopefully fulfill the perceived need and will be self- financing as this is a self- funding project whereby the occupants provide funding for the project. This is NOT a retirement home or a long term care facility but it is a Retirement Living Centre with various daily activities for all seniors.

Why Life Lease Housing:

  • It is a proven concept for Community Housing and there are currently over 60 such projects developed in Ontario by Charitable and Non-Profit Groups
  • The project offers the prospect of obtaining a community facility, given that this concept will appeal to a large section of our Muslim Community
  • As residents age, this community becomes an integral ingredient for a happy and healthy lifestyle, bringing a sense of belonging and peace of mind, as residents tend to look out for one another
  • Residents may also take an active role in managing the property and organizing activities and programs. This provides a sense of purpose that is not possible for someone isolated in a single family home or condominium

All the work on this project are done on a voluntary basis, with no benefit accruing to any individual, business or Corporation

If you or a family member is considering senior housing, Emerald Green Place invites you to consider in participating on this project and purchase a Life Lease Condominium Suite that offer a wide spectrum of seniors housing choices from independent retirement living in Phase I; to the option of assisted living services to long term care homes in our future Phase II project.  Our homes are communities, and we believe that the right support services can help prolong independence while managing individual care needs.

Trust, accountability and respect are the guiding principles at Emerald Green and together with our commitment to “Making our Seniors’ Lives Better” we look forward meeting needs of our seniors.

We want family members to feel reassured that their loved ones will be safe, active and engaged while living in Emerald  Green Place, our Life Lease community home.

We want our volunteers and members to know that their contributions to this great project are valued, appreciated and urge them to keep up the good work .